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Specialties: I train Hollywood Elite, Professional Athletes, Circus Performers, Elite Gymnasts, Models, Centerfolds, Wildland Firefighters & other badass individuals in a variety of complex physical skills including a focus on movement & strength skills such as: - clubbelling - kettlebelling - tacfit - circus aerial arts (rope, fabric, trapeze) - full contact un-choreographed fight - tactical gymnastics Full Contact (armored) Self-Defense: Most fight training is not full contact. However, only full contact will teach you how to respond to a real life threat. Aerial: Aerial is an advanced athletic skill that requires a certain amount of pre-training. I can provide aerial-specific strength & mobility training if it is required. Kettlebell We focus on lighter weights & more complexed moving, providing a greater overall level of athletic grace and tone. Clubbell Oldest exercise tool known to man, strengthening every possible direction the human body is known to move. Established in 2005. . Qualifications: - Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor - Russian Kettlebell Challenge II instuctor - American Kettlebell Club Instructor - World Kettlebell Club Coach - Circular Strength Training Kettlebell Specialist - Tacfit Instructor - Certified NRA Pistol Instructor - CAR Firearms instructor (Center Axis Relock) - Trained the head of Sportsclub LA - Degree in Bio Chemical Engineering from USC - Published Research Scientist, 5 articles in peer reviewed journals from the lab of Professor James F. Haw


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