Rhythmic Gymnastics


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Specialties: Or Tokaev, is a World Class Olympic Rhythmic Gymnast living in Hollywood, CA who specializes in training young children of the ages 4-12 years old. The method is a process, she knows very well. The girls advance as they choose. Performing the splits is a goal, but she teaches them from step one. She attended the Olympics Sydney 2000 and is happy to share her skills to the next generation. Established in 2000. Or Tokaev began coaching immediately after winning her 7th Israeli National Championship and represented Israel in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She has since helped to coach students to the Olympic level. Currently, Miss Or has trained over 500 children in the LA Area. She has 16 years of teaching experience and specializes with beginners & if the parents wish to have their child advance into the extreme stretching techniques, Miss Or specializes in this practice whereby creating a safe space where the families and children feel comfortable that it's at the right time and pace in their practice. Bottom line is, the classes are really fun, and Or rewards all her students with a goodie, to ensure positive reinforcement at every step of the way. In addition, many of Miss Or's students have qualified for some very interesting competitions but Miss Or is willing to consult with any athlete who seeks advice from another Olympic professional.


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